Using this website

AusAllergy is the premier website for those seeking reviews of eating establishments in Australia.

Searching is easy, it’s possible to search by cuisine type, dietary option or suburb. We’ve made this site mobile friendly so you can search on the road.

This website is a user based website, we can’t function unless you submit your reviews. You do not have to be a registered member in order to submit a review, but we ask that you only submit reviews of restaurants or other eating establishments if you’ve actually eaten there.

Please fill in as many details of the restaurant as possible to help us create a listing. There are occasions where some restaurants will share a name and we ask you to be specific with their address due to that reason.

When submitting a review please try and be specific with the details of your meal and how they handled it as your experience will help others.

All submissions will be looked at on an individual basis, if there are negative comments we reserve the right to discuss them with you and then the restaurant to see if things can be improved, this is why we ask for your email address. I’d really like to ask for your body type and shoe size but I was outvoted on that.