"AusAllergy- Allergy aware eating places in Australia"

catering for all our food allergy and intolerance requirements


Welcome to AusAllergy.

Run entirely by volunteers we may be monetizing this website in the future to defray any hosting costs. This is not a one-stop-shop for all your allergy and intolerance needs but rather a springboard to other support networks. The main part of our work here is a user run database of reviews of restaurants that have dealt well with your request for allergy or intolerance friendly food. Should you have had a negative experience we’re happy to have your review but we reserve the right talk to the restaurant to see what opportunities there are for education before we allow it to go live.

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Using this website

AusAllergy is the premier website for those seeking reviews of eating establishments in Australia.

Searching is easy, it’s possible to search by cuisine type, dietary option or suburb. We’ve made this site mobile friendly so you can search on the road.

This website is a user based website, we can’t function unless you submit your reviews. You do not have to be a registered member in order to submit a review, but we ask that you only submit reviews of restaurants or other eating establishments if you’ve actually eaten there.

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Eating out and questions to ask

With different dietary requirements, it’s very important to know the questions that you need to ask when eating out. A quick phone call to the restaurant, to find out more information, or a visit to their website, can equip you with the information you need.

So what sort of questions do you need to ask?

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